Our team is extremely detailed-oriented. The painter professionals are specially trained to check for any imperfections that may exist in drywall and stucco. Our process of preparation is revised often by our leaders, so our costumers have the quality expected for the service scheduled. All our equipment, from the most basic material, such as rollers and brushes, to the more specific ones, such as sprayer machines, are of great technology, being inspected daily by highly trained leaders.

The Painting Process goes from the inspection to the final walk throw with the client. The painting process itself is the surface preparation, taping, painting and cleaning after all work were done.

Bella Casa Co was created in early 2017 by Carlos Magalhaes. He's previously worked as a professional painter in Phoenix for 10 years. So, he realized it was his time to start his own company. This way, in 2017, he opened his own company with the help of 2 assistants. Today, Bella Casa Painting Co count with more than 10 painters working in all Phoenix and Scottsdale surrounding area. 


Monday to Saturday: 7am - 6pm

Sunday: 7am - 12pm

Tel: (602) 918-5138

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