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Interior Painting consist of total painting of the inside surfaces of the house. First, the house has to be inspected, so we can determine how much repair the walls need as much the amount of paint to be used. In this situation, the client is going to choose the colors to be used in his house, what he wants to paint (walls, ceiling, trims, doors …). If necessary, we have to work together in order to get approval by the HOA (Homeowners association). Everything all set, the painters are going to start the painting project. First, the painters are going to patch any holes presented on the surface and remove pilling paint or bad texture. Following, we have to tape all surfaces that are not going to be painted, so the overspray doesn’t reach them. Now, we can start the painting itself with 2 coats applied, using spraying or rolling process based on painter decision. Everything checked, it`s time to clean and make the walk throw with the costumer, so we can guarantee the quality expected was attended.

Color Palette
Color Palette
Painting the Wall